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AbcTaal.nl is a professional association of remedial teachers, working with a clear method of improving reading and writing of young and old. With us the 26 letters of the alphabet are the starting point. We provide insight into the structure of the Dutch language, we explain the influence of the consonants on the vowels. We do this by means of short and clear rules.

The American Book Centre

The American Book Center (ABC for short) is an innovative and stubbornly independent English-language book company with stores in Amsterdam and The Hague. ABC has 45 years of experience selling English books in the Netherlands and the team of 40 knowledgeable international booksellers make great customer service their first priority. Together with The English Little Library ABC has developed the English Books for Dutch Kids school program. 


Auris offers support to everyone who has hearing, speaking or language problems. Auris explores, deals with, supports and offers education, suited to what is necessary and what is appropriate for every age. Auris also gives support and guidance to professionals.
Every age requires its own approach; children aged 0 to 4 year are only just discovering language. Next they will go to primary school followed by secondary school. They are constantly learning and discovering the world. Even as an adult you can encounter multiple problems when your hearing suddenly deteriorates. Auris helps solve these problems.


De Auteursbond (Authors Union) is the Dutch professional and representative association for authors and translators. We represent more than 1,500 authors: novelists, poets, youth literature writers, screenwriters, playwrights, literary translators, book translators, educational authors, freelance journalists and subtitlers. They feel supported by our collective representation of interest and the personalized services we provide. De Auteursbond is also an active writers association, where our members share their knowledge and experiences. 


AThEME is a 5-year collaborative research project studying multilingualism in Europe. Researchers from 17 partner institutions across 8 European countries are (1) investigating cognitive, linguistic and sociological issues in multilingual Europe, (2) assessing existing public policies and practices within the areas of education and health and (3) contributing to evidence-based policy making. The project aims to raise awareness of multilingualism among policy makers, health professionals, academics and educators.

Aliance Française

As a non-profit organisation, the Alliance Française has provided excellent French courses regarding language, conversation, the culture of gastronomy, and literature for the past 120 years. We also organise cultural meetings: concerts, theatre evenings, workshops, lectures and free Cafés Français. 
The Alliance Française Utrecht provides courses at all levels, from A1 up to C1, for a wide audience: Francophiles, students, final-year students, teachers and all of those who need the French language for work or study (DELF exam training and Business French) or pour le plaisir. Our courses take place at night in a group context as well as during the day at companies or in a private setting. 

Beter Spellen

Beter Spellen is a free website and app about Dutch spelling. Approximately 140,000 active participants answer four new questions about spelling every working day. You'll see immediately what's right and wrong and you can click through to see more information about the spelling rules.


Bem-Vindo language centre is a centre for the Portuguese, English and Dutch language. For you, for us, for everybody!!!
We offer a wide range of services like VIP in-company courses – either periodically, intensive or semi-intensive – and also language courses for travellers, conversation classes, and preparation training for the language proficiency exams. 


Bloomwise represents flexibility in language education. On the Bloomwise platform it is easy to make, adjust and deploy digital teaching materials. Our versatile digital platform enables teachers to deploy digital material in a safe and approachable way in order to shape blended learning. Especially for language learning, Bloomwise offers a lot of options. Furthermore, Bloomwise offers a digital portfolio and a high-tech examination module. Bloomwise is the learning platform for future-oriented language courses.    


Balabreria is……
- a teaching method for learning Spanish
- particularly for VMBO (pre-vocational education)
- completely digital
- intuitive
- meaningful
- learning how to work independently
- consisting of short exercises
- learning Spanish by doing it
- working towards the exam
Balabreria is speaking (and reading, listening and writing) Spanish with the words you already know, even if you have to do it with your hands and feet. It is about learning Spanish easily while having fun, for both teacher and student. It is a teaching method including quizzes that prepares the student for the CITO exam (at the level of TL, a level of pre-vocational education).


Bisbee Flex education has been the flex partner for educational institutions for more than 10 years. We are an educational company that carries out educational organizations with flexible staffing solutions that save costs and promote quality. We do this with enthusiastic and involved teachers for adult education, primary education and the ISK (vo) within the NT2 field, but also with (language) teachers and language assessors within the MBO.

Boom NT2

Boom NT2 is market leader and specialist in developing and publishing educational methods for non-Dutch speakers in the Netherlands. The foundation Nederlands als tweede taal (NT2), meaning Dutch as a second language, is part of Boom Publishers Amsterdam. 

Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute is a worldwide non-profit organisation, financed by the Chinese government with the objective to spreading knowledge about the Chinese language and culture and to strengthen the relationship between China and other countries. Besides providing language and culture courses and administering the standardised HSK language skill exams, the institute organises, together with other institutions or on its own, a variety of cultural and academic activities. Another important activity of the Confucius Institute is offering support to secondary schools that intend to take up Chinese in their curriculum or would like to develop it further. 

Conference Interpreters

Conference Interpreters is the most experienced interpreter agency in the Netherlands with over 40 years of experience. We are the best high-quality service provider for multilingual communication. Whether it concerns interpreting at a Works Council or congress, or at a Ministerial consultation, business and governments know they can count on us. We think proactively and offer the right combination of interpreting en technology in all settings possible. To do so, we deploy our network of 3000 AIIC-qualified interpreters. They are highly educated, follow a strict code of conduct and guarantee quality. Furthermore, we do not have a profit-making objective and offer with our cooperative structure complete transparency: the client pays the interpreter, and not the intermediary.

van Dale

At the DRONGO Language Festival 2017 we have a full range of products and services in language that effectively support language users in translation and multilingualism. Van Dale staff members speak various languages! - Translation of dictionaries (for children of 2 years!), Dictionaries in 10 languages, Dictionaries in 21 languages, Grammar and Word grammar, fun language books, puzzle books and language tear calendars. We also have products specially for NT2 (Dutch as a second language), in book form and online!


DutchReader: the smart way to read Dutch news online! (NT2)
This Chrome extension helps learners improve their Dutch. Choose your favourite subject and see suggestions of articles that correspond to your level. With integrated translations and practice exercises, you improve your reading skills automatically while you stay uptodate on the latest happenings!


Editio is the online writers academy. We developed an online interactive method based on the online system of University of Oxford. 
Editio guides early-stage writers up to and including publication and with its partners they develop professional tailor-made approaches. ‘It is online, hence, available everywhere. Developing yourself at the time it suits you best.’  


How do other European countries deal with language classes for refugees? What materials are used to keep Welsh alive? Why does Estonia invest so much in employee language competence? 
The Electronic Platform of Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) is the place for professionals who are working with learning adults. The free platform revolves around obtaining and sharing knowledge.  
More than 25.000 professionals from more than 24 countries are participating in the platform. Meet us at the DRONGO language festival and we will show you how you can join.

ESL - Language Travel

ESL - Language Travel offers a wide range of language courses abroad to anyone interested in learning foreign languages ​​. You can choose from more than 20 languages, 50 countries and 300 destinations! In addition, you can choose from different types of courses: intensive, super intensive, short-lived from just 1 week to long term for a whole semester, combined with activities, internships, volunteer work, etc.

Esperanto Netherlands

Esperanto The Netherlands is an association that aims to provide information about the international language Esperanto, stimulating the learning and use of this language. The association uses various information tools. Esperanto week-end courses are organized in various parts of the Netherlands. The magazine of Esperanto Netherlands is called Fenikso. Esperanto Netherlands organizes local meetings as well as nationwide. In October there will be a meeting on the occasion of the 100th year of Zamenhof, who started the language. At the meeting, not only are there several speakers, but also the music group Kajto.

European Parliament

Within the European Union (EU), we as citizens, are represented by the European Parliament (EP). The EP cooperates in making laws that affect us all and are best created on a EU level. These are cross-border issues concerning the environment, energy, international transport, passenger rights, food safety, consumer protection and the digital and telecoms market.
The EP is also monitoring other EU institutions on behalf of us, adopts the budget together with the Ministers from the all Member States and monitors if the budget is properly implemented.

European Commission

The European Commission is responsible for the European Union's daily governance and protects the EU's interests as a whole (not those of individual countries). The Commission has representations in every EU country. They answer questions and provide information about Europe, especially about the role and the impact of the EU in your area. Furthermore we inform the Commission in Brussels about political developments in the Netherlands.
With 2500 translators and 1000 interpreters the Commission is the largest actor worldwide in the field of multilingualism. We ensure the availability of Union legislation for the European citizens in the 24 official languages.

Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal

The Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal (or Dutch Language Institute) is the place for anyone who wants to know anything about the Dutch language through the centuries. It is a scholarly but at the same time easily accessible institute that studies all aspects of the Dutch language, including its vocabulary, grammar and linguistic variations. The institute collects new Dutch words, updates important reference works such as the Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst, the main standard work on Dutch grammar, and creates terminology lists to make professional jargons accessible.

Instituto Cervantes

Instituto Cervantes is a Spanish government public institution which/that is established to stimulate education, the study and use of the Spanish language and to stimulate the spread o Hispanic oriented cultures. At this moment, the network exists of 87 centres, spread across 44 countries on all continents.
Instituto Cervantes in Utrecht offers Spanish courses and courses for teachers. Instituto Cervantes also helps to prepare for the exams Spanish as a foreign language (DELE) and is the only institute authorised to administer the DELE exams.

Interlanguage Study Abroad

The best and fastest way to learn a language is in the country it is spoken. We offer language travel for students, adults and professionals. From a vacation course or short intensive course to an exam course or full Gap Year. From week 1 with startdata throughout the year, in small international classes or individually. Interlanguage has selected 180 quality schools in 25 countries for you. We are happy to advise you on which is right for you. The most experienced travel agency (since 1986) of the Netherlands offers not only language trips, but High School College and University worldwide as well. So, there is always a suitable programme for you! Interlanguage is independent, so you can be certain of objective advice.

ITV Hogeschool

Language is the basis for all communication, cooperation and mutual understanding. ITV Hogeschool for Interpretation and Translation offers a four-year Bachelor degree programme for interpretation and translation in six languages. The part-time structure of the programme is designed to allow students to combine a full-time job and raising a family while completing the programme. The versatile study programme takes you on an inspiring journey through the world of language, culture and communication resulting in an internationally recognized degree: Bachelor of Communication. For anyone who is considering a career change, ITV has a lot to offer. 


Ever since the founding in 1962, Intertaal has been active as a supplier, publisher and importer of current language study materials for education and professionals. Through the years Intertaal has grow into a dynamic company where around 25 profesional employees work every day on the sale and service to our clients. Intertaal can now call itself the language specialist in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Instituto Italiano di Cultura Amsterdam

The Italian Institute of Culture in Amsterdam, an embassy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, strives to the advancement and spread of the Italian language and culture in the Netherlands through the organisation of Italian language and culture classes.

Kemper Conseil Publishing

KEMPER CONSEIL Publishing (KCP) is a publishing house that focuses on linguistics in the broad sense of the word: from literature to dictionary.
KCP publishes a large number of works from the world literature. A series of fairly priced pocket books including new Dutch translations of works by Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Gaskell and Jane Austen.

KTV Kennisnet

KTV organizes challenging, instructive and enriching trainings and webinars for interpreters, translators, language interpreters and writing interpreters in collaboration with specialist teachers. Whether you choose theory or practice, a master class or a basic training, you are at the right place at KTV. New insights for your interpretation or translation practice!

Lân fan taal

Frijsteat foar alle talen. Vrijstaat voor alle talen. A free state for all languages. Freistaat aller Sprachen. In 2018, Leeuwarden will be European Capital of Culture. During this year, Lân fan taal will be the place to be for celebrating language & multilingualism in all its dimensions. We are a free state for all languages of the world, in which all languages are equal and where language is boundless. We look at language as more than just words you can speak or write. Sign language, braille, body language, but also dance, music and street language are considered languages just as much.

Max Planck Institute

The Max Planck Institute (MPI) focuses on language and communication as an important topic for scientific research. MPI scientists investigate how children and adults acquire language(s), how speaking and listening is done, how the brain processes language and how language is related to cognition and culture. The Institute has close ties with the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour and the Centre for Language Studies of the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Meertens Institute

The Meertens Institute is a research institute that focusses on studying and documenting the Dutch language and culture. The phenomena that shape the daily life in our society are central issues. The Meertens Institute examines the role of language and culture in the development of social identities and group cultures. In the field of the Dutch language, the Meertens Institute examines both geographic and social variations. The study of cultural factors determining group formation processes is in the field of Dutch ethnology.


Meertalig. nl is an (inter)active center for everyone who deals with multilingual kids. Are u interested in raising your children multilingual? Do you work or live with multilingual children or families? We offer, aside from our website with information and sources, a variety of workshops aimed at multilingual child raising.


The NTR makes informative, cultural and educational programmes for everybody, but with a special focus on youth and diversity. Language is an important part of this. For instance, there is the Tafel van Taal, in English Table of Language, various videos on language on Schooltv.nl, Clipphangers, and de Snapjes, in English the Getjes about language. The editors of the NPO site Net in Nederland, with a special focus on newcomers, are based at the NTR building. At the DRONGO language festival we would love to tell you all about our programmes, sites and clips. On Saturday 30 September JP Pellemans will present a workshop ‘Making a language quiz’. JP Pellemans is responsible for the language quiz in Tafel van Taal and he has his own serie about language on Schooltv.nl called ‘dt met JP’. 


Oefenen.nl (formerly ETV.nl) enables people to gain basic knowledge and skills digitally for personal development. It is possible to do so individually and at your own pace. It will boost the self-confidence and facilitates a better participation in society.  

Radboud University

At Radboud University in Nijmegen we do research and provide education in all fields of science. On a green, modern campus with state-of-the-art amenities. Our university has an open and personal atmosphere that stimulates knowledge sharing between colleagues and beyond the boundaries of disciplines. This implies to look further, see more, and make sure we are of national and international significance within both science and society.


SDL is the market leader in translation services and technology, with more than 40 in-house translators in Hengelo.
SDL not only provides content and language management technology, but also translation services. With our combination of digital technology and human expertise, we help companies communicate in a meaningful way and provide their customers with a relevant experience. Communication is an essential aspect of life for people, and SDL aims at providing software and services that everyone can understand - always and everywhere.


The Stichting Instituut van Gerechtstolken en –Vertalers (SIGV) was founded in 1998 because the judiciary was in urgent need of better interpretation and translation work. Out of this necessity the SIGV started with specialised interpretation and translation trainings. Their goal was to improve the quality and position of interpreters and translators at judicial authorities. 
SIGV offers the training Legal Interpreters in Criminal Proceedings in almost thirty languages. For most of these languages it is also possible to follow the training Legal Translating Criminal Proceedings. SIGV started two years ago with the training Social Interpreter for most of the Arabic dialects. 


SIW Internationale Vrijwilligersprojecten is a versatile Dutch non-profit exchange organisation. For more than sixty years SIW welcomes foreign volunteers on a variety of projects in The Netherlands and detach Dutch volunteers on projects all over the world. Over seventy enthusiastic, involved volunteers use their knowledge and experience during the preparation, guidance and evaluation of your dream trip. 

Stichting Lezen

When learning a language, books are perfectly suitable to bring more language into the lives of children. Reading aloud and reading by themselves adds to the language development of children and youngsters. Stichting Lezen (Reading Foundation) is the knowledge and expertise center for promotion of reading and literature education. Stichting Lezen dedicates itself to improving the reading climate and reading culture, as part of the general reading and literature policy of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. 


Smoezen is a unique learning in tool in multiple ways. It combines practicing to describe a word with listening to another. The game element - what are they talking about? - stimulates and motivated the students. After a positive testing fase with a prototype, there is now Smoezen, the online version, not only for French but five other languages as well.

Savannah Bay

Savannah Bay is a small, independent bookstore in the center of Utrecht. You may know us from the book panel in the DWDD. Savannah specializes in literature, poetry, genderstudies, homosexuality and transgender.
For several years we have been happy to provide book sales at the DRONGO language festival. Here you will find books from speakers at the festival, all sorts of great books on language and of course many fun festival gifts. It is possible to pay with debitcard or on credit. Many speakers will come by to sign their work specially for you!


Taalleermethoden.nl, learning a language with fun, is specialized in workshops in TPRS - also called TPR Storytelling. With TPRS students immediately start speaking and listening in the foreign language from lesson one on because the language- and speaking centers are directly activated. Those who acquire a language with TPRS don’t have to ‘look for’ words, the words spontaneously drop out of their mouths. The method is fun for student and teacher, also because it’s very personal towards the students.  

de Taalunie

de Taalunie (The Language Union) is the policy and knowledge organization for Dutch.

Tilburg University

The Tilburg centre for Cognition and Communication (TiCC) of Tilburg University conducts multidisciplinary research into the way people communicate with each other and with machines. The research of TiCC is aiming on fundamental questions about the way people communicate both from an experimental and a computational perspective. It is also trying to apply the gathered information to project in terms of, for instance, language technology, first and second language learning and nonverbal communication. 

Tolken Select

Tolken Select is a new ambitious player on the market for mediation of interpretation and translation services. Tolken Select offers solutions for linguistic barriers by using professional and skilled interpreters and translators. We also offer interpreters on location, interpreter assistance by telephone and we provide certified translations. We offer a clear story in an understandable language. 
As you can read, we gladly clear linguistic barriers for you and your customers. We do so together with our sworn interpreters and translators. Please contact us for any interpreting or translating service in language, text and emotion. 

tes educatief

Tes educatief (tes educational), has been advising on the implementation of several language education solutions for over 50 years. Together we will vind the solution that fits your demands. All our systems are delivered, installed and maintained by us.

"Together we can make education better and more fun" 

University of Twente

The University of Twente is a young and enterprising university that prepares young people for the future. We accomplish this through innovative, attractive and future-focused education and through fulfilling a global function in technological and social research. Especially at the point where the various science disciplines intersect, the most interesting and relevant innovations for individuals and societies arise. Within the multidisciplinary group Human Media Interaction we evaluate the several aspects of human-computer interactions. Among others the different themes are speech recognition and of course language processing, robotics and artificial intelligence.  

Utrecht University

Several researchers from Utrecht University will present their work at the DRONGO language festival through workshops and labs.
Learn about the Dutch word 'er', Senegalese drum language or the languages of Tolkien. Test your ear for English and learn to sing like someone from Medieval times. This year, Utrecht University also organises a student activity, in cooperation with other Dutch universities. Talented students will have the opportunity to present their research to a diverse audience.

University of Groningen

Within the University of Groningen, we offer the bachelor programme Minorities and Multilingualism and the master programme Multilingualism. The bachelor programme combines the political and historical aspects of minorities and multiculturalism with linguistics and multilingualism. The Multilingualism Master combines teaching of many societal, individual, educational, cultural and historical aspects of multilingualism with a practical, research-driven approach in a unique setting: the multilingual province Fryslân.

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