Founding Partner - Radboud Universiteit

Founding Partner - Radboud University

At the Radboud University in Nijmegen we do research and provide education in all fields of science. On a green, modern campus with state-of-the-art amenities. Our university has an open and personal atmosphere that stimulates knowledge sharing between colleagues and beyond the boundaries of disciplines. This implies to look further, see more, and make sure we are of national and international significance. Within science and within society.
Language is an important area of ​​focus within the Nijmeeg research, especially for the research institute Center for Language Studies (CLS). Here, motivated and talented researchers share the same mission: understanding the cognitive and social processes that underpin language, language use, language acquisition and language change. CLS researchers conduct innovative, interdisciplinary research, using advanced methods and technologies such as language and speech technology. The institute works with various partners at local, national and international level. At the DRONGO language festival, the Center for Language Studies is present with various interactive labs and presentations that express the versatility of CLS research.
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