Founding Partner - Province of Friesland

Founding Partner - Province of Friesland

The province Fryslân is a regional government institution. The Frisian language is the second official language spoken in the Netherlands and it is the mother tongue for more than half of the citizens of the province Fryslân. This is the reason why the province Fryslân pursues an active Frisian language policy. The Frisian language and culture are protected and promoted by different laws and conventions at provincial, national and European level. They form the context in which the efforts of the province on the Frisian language and culture are being performed. 

One way or another, all citizens of the province of Fryslân deal in their daily lives with more than one language. Usually it is Frisian and Dutch but in many cases they also speak a regional dialect or foreign language. De provincie Fryslân views the language diversity as fortune and stimulates and subsidizes among others literature, digital language tools and language promoting projects. 

Furthermore, the Frisian language plays an essential role in education. The Frisian language is represented in preschool education, elementary and secondary education, middle and high school and at the university. The province provides the financial means for digital learning methods and a student assessment system. 

Language is an important part of the programme of the 2018 Cultural Capital of the province of Fryslân, Leeuwarden. The provincial project Lân fan taal would like to position the province of Fryslân as the public and knowledge place for multilingualism. Lân fan taal is not only about the Frisian language but it represents a free state for all languages in the world, a state where all languages are equal and borderless.

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