Founding Partner - Universiteit Utrecht

Founding Partner - Utrecht University

The Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University focuses on four knowledge areas: Philosophy and Religious Studies, History and Art History, Media and Cultural Sciences and Languages, Literature and Communication. These domains are the four departments of the faculty, housed in monumental buildings in the historic center of Utrecht.
For the DRONGO language festival, the faculty gives a look at the kitchen of the Department of Languages, Literature and Communication (TLC). Here we are mainly concerned with European languages ​​and cultures. In addition, we pay attention to language and language, and the way people communicate in language. In addition, we focus on the literature of the Middle Ages, the Early Modern and Modern Period. The Bachelor's degree in Celtic languages ​​and culture is unique in the Netherlands, as well as the master's programs Translation, Intercultural Communication and Renaissance Studies.

The Utrechtse TLC researchers have expertise in language disorders, understandable language, multilingualism, linguistic and multilingual education, language and speech technology, website evaluation, vocabulary wording and other questionnaires, language teaching, contemporary literature and writers, our literary Past, and the relationship between (collective) memories and identities.

Utrecht University at the DRONGO language festival 2017
Numerous Utrecht scientists provide workshops and labs with live science during the DRONGO language festival. Visitors can interact with them in the interactive information market and actively participate in a variety of language experiments. In addition, this year, Utrecht University organizes student activities in collaboration with other universities. Language students are given the opportunity to present their own research to a wide audience in this session. For example, they can show a poster presentation or show something tangible, such as educational material they have developed for a course or thesis. The student activity thus symbolizes the future of the professional language sector, which is in the hands of this new generation!

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