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Neologism quiz

Is a smombie a new, trendy summer drink or some type of youngster? What is it that a hacktivist does exactly? And what is a photobomb? And how do you call a beer you drink when you walk on the street?

Every day, neologisms, new words, called neology are added to our vocabulary. Most of these words are used for only a short period of time: you won’t find these one day flies often in a dictionary. At the Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal (IvdNT), the Institute for Dutch Language, we do a lot of research on neologisms. What do they look like? Are they really brand new? Who uses them? Do you only hear these words or can you also read them? Do we see specific returning patterns? Do these words denote something what will persist, or not at all?
In the neologism quiz we will test your knowledge of these new words: what does a neology mean, obviously this is the most important thing, but also: is this a successful new word and if not, would you know a better one?

Friday 29 and Saturday 30 September

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