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Labs Universiteit Twente

Talking to a robot

R3D3 is a combination of a robot and a virtual person. This duo is able to detect people who approach them and have a short conversation. The virtual person is able to talk, whilst the robot shows expressive behaviour. During this lab, you can meet R3D3.

Emotions in speech

Is a machine able to recognise emotions in speech? During this demo, you can experience yourself how a machine is able to recognise your emotions based on your speech. What goes wrong and what goes well?

A pleasant conversation with Alice

Do you want to know more about the adventures of Alice in Wonderland? During this lab, you can ask Alice questions about her adventures in Wonderland. Alice has been designed during the ARIA VALUSPA project. In this project, European researchers are working on developing virtual persons that can have a nice, informative conversation.

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