Maaike Verrips

Since the first edition in 2012, I hoped that 'my' DRONGO language festival would generate positive attention for language and the professional language sector. Because language is everywhere and because of that, we often forget how important it is to pay attention. The DRONGO language festival brings together language professionals from different sectors, as well as other people who are interested. In language, in learning new languages, in translation, how dictionaries are made or just how we communicate. The language sector keeps growing, there is a lot of change and there is a shortage of people who have the right training to work there. The DRONGO language festival continues to grow and develop. As a language scientist, with my own company De Taalstudio, I can not imagine anything more beautiful. I therefore hope that, together with our partners and with my team, I can organize the DRONGO language festival for the sixth time this year. And I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of new language friends this year on 29 and 30 September!

Fleur Verbiest
Sales & Customer Development

Want to know more about the possibilities of renting an exhibitor space on our informative market? Or do you have a general question? Call or email me! I am present at the DRONGO language festival office in Monnickendam (almost daily) as a "spider in the web" and I support the management with all kinds of tasks as well as the project team. Sometimes I will have to pass your question or remarks to Barbara, Dorine or Sophie. Or to Maaike when it comes to programming. I can be reached during office hours on +31 (0) 85 87 70 187 or via fverbiest@drongotalenfestival.nl

Paul Visser

Are you interested to present yourself as an exhibitor at the DRONGO language festival? Or just want to know more about who we are and what we can do for you? Then you've come to the right place! I am happy to provide information about the festival and work with the Marketing and Communication Team: Dorine and Sophie. I can be found almost daily at the DRONGO language festival office, so during office hours, I would like to help you at +31 (0) 85 87 70 187 or email to info@drongotalenfestival.nl.

Barbara van den Broek

The DRONGO language festival is what we make it together: partners, exhibitors, volunteers, DRONGO project team AND visitors. As a producer, I make sure that all the conditions for a successful festival are met. So ask me your question and I'll see what I can do, arrange or organize. Mail to bvandenbroek@drongotalenfestival.nl. This also applies to new ideas or suggestions for the DRONGO language festival.

Dorine Holman
Head of Marketing & Communications

I would like to discuss your ideas to bring fun and original marketing and communication actions aimed at your specific target audience at the DRONGO language festival 2017. Because precisely in the field of marketing and communication - and then especially PR - we learn that collaboration is key.
If you are a journalist and would like to know more about our beautiful festival, then you have come to the right place. I like thinking out of the box, so bring it on! I usually work from my own office, so call me on +31 (0) 653 65 01 99. And you can of course email me at: dholman@drongotalenfestival.nl.

Sophie van der Meulen
Marketing & Communications

You'll find me back in all our online activities. I am responsible for creating content and managing our platforms, such as the website, social media and newsletters. Together with Dorine, I make sure that we reach your target audience.
Would you like to learn more about what we can do on social media or promotional activities at the DRONGO language festival? I can be reached by email: svandermeulen@drongotalenfestival.nl.

Heleen Lingers
Intern DRONGO talenfestival 

As a student at Utrecht University, I am doing my internship at the DRONGO Language festival. Every day, I contribute to the work of the DRONGO team, especially by supporting Fleur and Maaike. I help them, among other things, with the preparation and implementation of the evaluation and with answering general questions of visitors, so that we can provide a good service to our numerous contacts. 

Rob Boonzajer Flaes
Dr Drongo

As Dr Drongo I give guidance to the development agency. No disagreements because I work alone. Always available to find new shapes and thoughts. But also for the determining call to a new talent, an old master or a retired policymaker. Most of our plans are not implemented. That's alright. Between slipstream and serendipity, the most beautiful innovations are created. And finally, we always find our path. You can reach me, but you must first find out my phone number on your own. You will - if you want to.

Angela Houweling & Esther Koelman
Translation interns DRONGO talenfestival 

Angela and Esther are students at ITV Hogeschool for Interpretation and Translation. As part of their studies they are doing an internship as translators for the DRONGO language festival. They provide all translations for the website and newsletters.
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