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De Taalstudio

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We all know about language. Or we have our opinions: about someone else's use of language, about language education, or the impact of globalisation on language. But often just an opinion is not enough. If you want to know what it is really about, you need a linguist: a service De Taalstudio provides. 

De Taalstudio develops projects and products arising from linguistic research. For example: questions and answers about child language, a language test, or a workshop on language change. We carry out assignments and develop our own tailor-made projects in response to current needs. We always enjoy working in collaboration with other professionals. 

The Taalstudio provides advice to parents, professionals and organizations on dealing with multilingualism in education and education. Our point of departure is that in addition to the Dutch language, knowledge of other languages ​​for the Netherlands is important. Language knowledge increases our economic opportunities, and also represents important cultural values.

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European Commission

European Parliament

Province of Friesland

Radboud University

De Taalunie

Utrecht University

Programme Partners

ITV Hogeschool

Language is the engine behind communication, cooperation and mutual understanding. ITV Hogeschool for Interpreting and Translation offers a 4 year hbo bachelor of interpreters and translating into 6 working languages. (formerly enables people to gain basic knowledge and skills digitally for personal development. It is possible to do so individually and at your own pace. It will boost the self-confidence and facilitates a better participation in society.   

Stichting Lezen

Stichting Lezen promotes reading in Dutch and Frisian language and contributes to improving the reading environment and reading culture.

Media Partners

Beter Spellen

Beter Spellen is a free website and app about Dutch spelling. Approximately 140,000 active participants answer four new questions about spelling every working day. You'll see immediately what's right and wrong and you can click through to see more information about the spelling rules.


The NTR makes informative, cultural and educational programmes for everybody, but with a special focus on youth and diversity. Language is an important part of this. For instance, there is the Tafel van Taal, in English Table of Language, various videos on language on, Clipphangers, and de Snapjes, in English the Getjes about language. The editors of the NPO site Net in Nederland, with a special focus on newcomers, are based at the NTR building. 

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