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DRONGO language festival

October 2nd & 3rd 

What is it?
The DRONGO language festival is an annual festival about the impact of language. Since the start in 2012, our aim has been: bringing together professionals from the entire language sector, using an inspiring, informative, creative and connecting program. The DRONGO language festival is supported and financed by a broad coalition of partners from the entire language sector. The festival draws over 2000 visitors each year. This year, because of Covid-19, the festival will be held online only, at www.drongotalenfestival.nl.

Central topic for the 2020 edition: The future of reading
Reading leads to a better vocabulary, improving focus and concentration. Reading makes you smarter, helps you learn foreign languages, it reduces stress and improves memory. And from a social point of view, reading leads to better jobs, less debt and better public health. Reading is a central, indispensable competence to participate in society. People have fought and died for the privilege of reading. What's not to like - reading is a clear winner.

However, many studies show that reading is in a downward spinning curve. People simply read less and less. The role of writing and reading itself seems to be changing as well. Audiobooks are getting more popular by the day, cooking books, music courses and user manuals have long since been replaced by videos..

In this turmoil, the Dutch government (like many others) endows nationwide campaigns promoting reading and fighting illiteracy. Literature enthusiasts, socialites and battle worn professors combine forces to fight the decline in reading abilities. A great many individuals and organizations are committed to help out. Still, the reading abilities in this country have degraded significantly over the past years. We are at the bottom of the European reading proficiency level.

Clearly, something is cooking here. We need answers, vision, perspective. This is where the DRONGO language festival in 2020 comes in.

What do we offer to visitors?
DRONGO language festival in 2020 offers an inspiring, surprising, informative and interactive program around language and reading. Everything the visitor wants to know about reading is discussed. Everyone involved in reading is there. The festival is both informative and entertaining: we have lectures, debates, speed dates, labs, escape rooms, there is food and music. In short: a real festival.

Submit proposals
The DRONGO language festival is the place where you can spread your expertise to more than 2000 professionals from the language sector. The program will be largely composed with your input. Join us, so this year we will have a festival that informs and inspires thanks to you! Submit your proposal here.

Why do partners have to pay?
Simple. The DRONGO language festival is not a commercial organization. On the other hand, we do not make any concessions in terms of quality. To present the desired breadth of topics to visitors in a high-quality way, we need budget. We want to offer a platform to anyone who has an interesting and relevant story to tell - whether a volunteer, a library employee or a publisher, to name just a few. The more interesting the program, the more visitors we expect. Naturally, we also need money to bring the festival and the program to the attention of (new) target groups.

Why is it free for visitors?
DRONGO language festival has always been free or almost free. As a result, we have many young people showing up, and the event is open to anyone interested in language and reading. The evaluations show that both visitors and partners consider it important that the festival is free.

By focusing on content, and not on peripheral issues such as entrance fees and consumption vouchers, DRONGO language festival has a clear story to tell to the professionals who want to come.

What do we offer to partners?
We see partners who join the DRONGO language festival as our co-organizers. We like them to participate in the design of the program, to participate, and to make their two days visit as interesting as possible. DRONGO language festival is the venue where partners can share their expertise with 2000 professionals in the language sector. In addition, DRONGO language festival can contribute to their mission with regard to corporate social responsibility, increasing their network or brand awareness.

More information?
If you would like more information about participating in the festival, please send an email to Martin Voigt - mvoigt@drongotalenfestival.nl or call 0031-(0)6 50 526 700.

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